Worst Signs of Depression in Women | How to Cure Depression Naturally?

Unhappiness is not synonymous with ‘Depression!’ Being a biological entity, depression mostly run in the families.

If you’re searching for the similar signs of depression in women and want to know how to cure depression naturally, you’re on the right page!

Unlike most other health hazards, the depressive patients seek drug help first! You can always find drug abuse by the patient who is chronically depressed! Though, the counselling before drugs is mandatory in the Western clinics, but is seldom done in the Indian clinics.

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Studies show that, the unhappy numbers are more prevalent among the women! About twice as much as their male counterparts!

Recognizing Bad Signs of Depression in Women

Life in the 21st century is extremely competitive! If you win, you have to maintain your status. If you lose, you feel depressed and frustrated! Nevertheless, in any case you are dealing with lot of mental pressure. Such high mental stress coupled with high social expectations lead to depressive episodes!

Manhandling difficult relationships is one of the major causes of depression in women!

Experts believe that the increased chance of depression in women may be related to changes in hormone levels that occur throughout a woman’s life.

Differences between male and female depression
Women tend to: Men tend to:
Blame themselves Blame others
Sad, apathetic, and worthless Angry, irritable, and ego inflated
Anxious and scared Suspicious
Avoid conflicts at all costs Create conflicts
Slowed down and nervous Restless and agitated
Have trouble setting boundaries Need to feel in control at all costs
Find it easy to talk about self-doubt and despair Find it “weak” to admit self-doubt or despair
Use food, friends, and “love” to self-medicate Use alcohol, TV, sports, and sex to self-medicate


Let’s now explore the 8 bad signs of depression in women:

Empty Mood

Emptiness is a total void! It’s a kind of feeling when you have no clue, a lack of meaning or purpose to life! A mix feeling of hopelessness and emotional numbness. This is one of the most common and yet unrecognized sign of depression in women.

Decreased Energy & Fatigue

You know when you’re feeling low! But, if you’re too tired to carry out your regular tasks right from the morning, it’s because of depression! Your mind is always preoccupied with the negative thoughts. Hence, your body doesn’t respond well to your regular activities.

Early Morning Awakening

One of the worst and often seen first sign of depression in women is, ‘Early morning awakening!’ You may also have difficulty in sleeping. And probably you must be sleeping only 2 to 4 hours at night. Despite of such short sleep time, you awake in the morning and start thinking about the worst possible outcome in your life!

Quite common but a bad sign of depression in women!

Panic Attacks

If you’ve felt like the world is ending soon. Or sometimes, if you’ve felt a choking sensation in your throat, it’s bad news for you! The panic attack is dominating your brain slowly!

It feels like your heart is beating out of rhythm, loud, so loud that you can even hear it beat! Feels like the doomsday is near! It’s all in your head! Yes, your heart is indeed beating hard, but it’s because of the imbalance of neuro-chemicals that’s causing it to do so.

Get a medical attention immediately!

Feeling of Guilt

If you keep having regrets of doing something really bad, you’re suffering from the feeling of guilt! It’s a bad sign because, you are constantly blaming yourself for something which may not be committed by you in the first place!

Loss of Interest in daily activities including sex

Uninterested in watching TV, listening to your favorite songs, going shopping, or even having sex with your mate! You’re depressed badly!! You need to elevate your mood, or you may suffer from chronic depression!

Change of Appetite – Eating too less or too much

Patterns of binge eating or not eating are often seen in women under depression. They may lose weight because of not eating. Or, they may put n more weight, due to over eating! Anyhow, it’s depression which is to be blamed!

Suicidal Thoughts

The worst ever sign for a depressive patient is the suicidal thought! Studies say, patient committing suicide may have at least once expressed their suicidal thoughts to someone dear to them!

How to cure Depression Naturally?

Listening to the patient, Counselling and Consulting can help to cope up the patient from depression. Drugs are nevertheless required for serious cases, and should be taken under strict medical attention!

Depression is not just a symptoms of unhealthy mind! It’s a complete disease with the constellation of many other diseases overlapping each other. Anytime a chronically depressed patient can become a Maniac, or a Schizophrenic! Either of them is the worse outcome. The worst is committing a suicide!

A medical attention is required for all depressive patients. But, some non-drug methods are also considered as the first line of treatment for depression. Let’s explore these options one by one:

1. Speak up when you’re not wrong

Experts say that the main cause of depression in women may not be because of their active involvement. It may be fragile relationship status, difficult parenting, or even multiple failures in their workplace! The best part is, every cause listed here can be fixed simply by talking to the person concerned.

Failures are even better! You learn something new with every failure! Don’t feel low, it’s a part of human existence! Learn from the past mistakes, gather more courage and set ready to bounce back!

2. Speak face-to-face about your feelings to someone who can listen

If you can’t speak to the person who is challenging your relationship, you must speak face-to-face about your feelings to someone who can listen you. The pressure is relieved and the mood is elevated. Try and see, you’ll start feeling relaxed soon after you finish your conversation to your friend!

3. Stay engaged in social activities and social functions

Staying socially engaged can help you to forget about the incident that inflicts pain in your mind. It’s a better way to relax your depressed mind and will also help you in connecting to more better people around you!

4. Take a short walk outdoors

Get off the house and walk down the street to check what’s happening in your neighborhood. Appreciate the vivid colors of nature, smiling and laughing faces which you might have known.

5. Practice relaxation techniques

Yoga and meditation are the best healers! They not only provide enormous mental strength but also enhances inner integrity! Inspirational music can even enhance your Yoga experience.

6. Sleep for 8 to 10 hours

Sleep energizes your brain. Sleeping for over 8 hours will help in elevating your depressed mood. This way you can concentrate more on your work and be more optimistic about your attitude!

7. Set your hormones right

If you’re experiencing depression due to any of these causes listed below, make sure to meet your Gynecologist and Psychiatrist for the appropriate drug therapy. The causes are –

  1. Depression after the delivery of the baby (Post-Partum Depression)
  2. Depression due to cessation of the menstrual cycle caused by fluctuating hormones (Peri-Menopausal Depression)
  3. Pre-Menstrual Depression  or guilt (Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD)

8. Counselling & Behaviour Therapy

When nothing works well, it’s time to seek a Psychiatrist opinion for counselling and behavior therapy. When properly done, this can help you to cope up from depression easily. Though your Psychiatrist may add mild Anxiolytics to supplement the therapy.


Being a doctor, I’ve helped quite a few friends in coping with depression with my little emotional support and counselling. I may not be as effective as a trained Psychiatrist, but nevertheless, these listed ideas proved effective!

I hope, you must have liked this post on ‘Worst signs of depression in women and how to cure depression naturally‘! Thanks for keeping the patience! Have a great day ahead!

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