The Perfect 7 Days Boiled Egg Diet For Weight Loss Plan

Here’s your Perfect Egg Diet Weight Loss Meal Plan!

A boiled egg diet meal plan is rarely heard! What makes this perfect meal plan so unique? Scientifically, you can shed over 40 pounds with this diet over a span of 4 weeks!

I tried it too, and got awesome results!

India is one of the fastest growing economies! To fulfill the demands of the one of the most populous nations of the world, the suppliers have taken an alternate route – the supply of fake Chinese eggs in the market in 2016.

Nevertheless, the original eggs seem to provide the most healthy nutrients to the body, and actually, accentuate rapid weight loss!

The Perfect Boiled Egg Diet Weight Loss Plan

Unlike other egg preparations of eggs in our daily Indian diet, the boiled egg is a preferred option. Not only, it offers the benefits of avoiding oil to the preparation, but is also easily digestible too! For the simplicity, let’s break down the composition of an egg as per its appearance –

The Boiled Egg White Portion

This white part of the egg is a protein called Albumin. The same protein is prepared by our Liver to perform many vital functions in our body. It is the same protein which runs in our blood and helps in maintaining the pressure in the blood vessels.

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Check the Nutrition fact of an egg.



To conclude, the egg white consists of 3.6 g of Albumin protein, with a calorie intake of just 15 kcal!!!

The Boiled Egg Yolk Portion

This may not sound good to you, the egg yolk is a core of lipids. Though it is a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium and Folate, but it has a high content of Saturated fats and Cholesterol.


So, people Above 45 years, along with a family history of heart diseases, Diabetic patients, Overweight and Obese people should always avoid Egg Yolks! 

Based on the above nutrition, we have tried to prepare a healthy diet plan with boiled eggs to lose weight effectively.

The Meal Plan: Boiled Egg Diet For Weight Loss

A woman’s body needs a minimum of about 1,200 calories, while a man needs 1,600 calories daily to sustain basal metabolic needs. We have taken precautions, not to make this diet plan a Very low-calorie.

Very low-calorie diets may cause fatigue, constipation or nausea, and it increases the risk of developing gallstones. Therefore, before we begin explaining this diet plan, you must ensure the following –

  1. Avoid all junk food, preserved food, processed food, and sugary drinks.
  2. Avoid the consumption of alcohol in any form.
  3. Drink a lot of water to flush toxins and stay hydrated.
  4. You must not leave the diet plan when it is completed. Sudden withdrawing is not advised, but you can always supplement your body when you feel weakness.
  5. Patients with known risk factors of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, or any other chronic illness should avoid this boiled egg diet plan altogether.

Here is the perfect 7 days meal plan of boiled egg diet for weight loss. You can stick to this diet chart for 2 weeks to get awesome results.

To download the Full 7-Day Boiled Egg Diet Meal Plan For Weight Loss, Click this link.

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Boiled eggs are the healthiest foods on earth. They provide enough of a great quality of protein, Vitamin A and D, Calcium, and Folate. Nevertheless, they can create serious Hypercholesterolemia in patients with a positive family history of heart diseases. Therefore, the exclusion of yolk in your diet plan is recommended.

Moreover, sudden weight loss is not recommended by health care workers. You should check your physical status from a registered Physician before undertaking this 7-day boiled egg diet for weight loss meal plan to lose weight effectively.

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