The 1 Percent Rule: 5 Reasons Why Most People Don’t Become Successful?

The reason why I am writing on this topic, is not because I’m through with my expectations and dreams. This is because, it’s been a good long time I’ve spent in building the strong foundation. It’s the foundation for being a successful entrepreneur!

Why most people don’t become successful? What is the 1 percent rule?

There are many reasons, why most people don’t get successful, and struggle all their lives, struggling for the basic living. Yes! This post is all about those nasty habits, which doesn’t let you become the best, despite of doing everything!

The number of successful people are very few, may be even less than 1 percent! Excluding the windfall gains (Unexpected gain in income which could be due to winning a lottery, unforeseen inheritance or shortage of supply), the journey towards success doesn’t surprise you. You may have Windfall gains, but they are transitory in nature.

To succeed and retain your place among those 1 percent successful people, you got to understand what impedes your luck.

The content in this post is curated from many great self-help books, which I read daily to lay the concrete foundation for my entrepreneurial success. Let’s start step-by-step!

1. You don’t know if it’s possible for you!

Number one point is, it never occurs to you that you could be among those listed 1 percent people!

In simple language, this means – You have no goals towards achieving great things in life!!

The fact is, the idea never occurs in the first place. You have never thought of asking yourself, how is it possible to get over there?! You see, the established set of attitudes don’t change, if you don’t allow your brain to do some work!

Brian Tracy, the prominent author and success expert says,

An average student is raised in a family who constantly struggles for basic living. He has an average mindset friends in school, and the teachers teach the age-old basics about success. Furthermore, he doesn’t have any successful role model too! It never occur to him that, it is just as possible for him to become successful, as for anyone else!

The best selling self-help book, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill mentions the first step towards your success is, DESIRE! If you don’t desire to do something great, anything great will probably ever happen in your entire life!!

2. Fear of Failure

Next point where you can slip off from winning the battle towards 1 percent is that, you fear from failures! You have intense fear, that holds you back from planning and executing the goals of your life! Mostly, these negative feelings are about asking yourself only “What’s?”

What if, I fail in achieving my goal?

What will my family and friends think?

What explanation will I give for my failures?

Instead, let your brain do work on “How’s?”

How can I do this difficult task?

How can I take my business to the next level and achieve something great?

How can I make better decisions?

Things will not turn up unless you ask your brain to do intense work! It’s better to go through many failures rather than doing nothing!

The lessons learnt from failures will be infinitely more valuable than watching the celebrity TV shows and thinking, “Life is so challenging! I wonder how they did it! Lucky jerks!!”


3. Habit of Procrastination

Even if you have big plans, you may not be working enough to execute them! This is called Procrastination!!!

It is a common habit and a big excuse among the non-achievers! If you dare to dream big, you need to get out of your comfort zone and work to achieve your goals!

You know what you need to do! You even have plenty of time to do great things! But, there comes the comfort zone, that ruins all your willpower, fearless attitude, and the desire to do something big!!

Brian Tracy says,

Procrastination will push all your ambitions into the indefinite future, and nothing great will ever happen!

4. Poor Financial Education

Unfortunately, the topic of financial education is not taught in the school! So, you end up acquiring habits to manage money from those people who themselves struggle throughout their lives for basic necessities – Your own family!

Robert Kiyosaki has a whole bunch of great ideas on, how you can become a financially independent person!

He himself retired at the age of 47 years and, still gets an enormous amount of income in his hands, which is actually operated through his asset column. His assets did not rise all of a sudden! He used his brain to create the exceptionally great ways to build his assets, which generate income for him even during his sleep!

5. Not sharpening the axe!

May be you have excellent plans for your future. It my be possible that you execute your steps well. But, if your foundation is not concrete, you might not go a long distance!

There are many great stories  in the world. There are many great thinkers and Authors, who experiment with the Ergonomics each day! Even the most successful entrepreneurs in the world like, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zukerberg, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, and many such names have one thing in common! They learn…!! They learn from their mistakes, from others mistakes, and by good reading habits.

This is how they sharpen their axe and keep doing well day after day!!!

I remember the golden words of Abraham Lincoln,


If you dare to win in your life, you have to sharpen your axe and lay a strong foundation of your success!


Dreaming about your success is not hallucination anymore! The idea is, the more you dream about your success and keep doing things that are vital for your success, the better warrior you become! It’s called ‘Autosuggestion’!

Autosuggestion trains your subconscious mind to visualize your success, and demands your conscious mind to behave like you’re already a successful person!

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Dr Navneet Goyal

Dr Navneet Goyal is an Anesthesiologist Doctor, Internet Entreprenuer, Self-taught Marketer, SEO and a Growth Hacker! He has also learnt Web Designing, Lead Management, Digital Marketing & Financial Planning through various resources. His goal is to enhance the current Education model into a Motivational Driven Self Learning Platform.