5 Proven Ways For Healing & Treating Arthritis Pain Naturally

Using pain killers to cure the arthritis pain is outdated! The world is slowly shifting towards the natural healing methods for curing arthritis pain. Get to know, what are the proven ways for healing and treating Arthritis pain naturally.

Healing Arthritis with Natural Methods

Why go natural?

The Arthritis patients are always anxious, and are always finding answers to their problems related to the cure of  Arthritis pain, treatment options, home remedies, precautions and prevention. Your consulting physician must be prescribing you the most dangerous drugs to cure your arthritis pain – the Analgesics. You might be wondering, why on earth am I being prescribed with the harmful drugs, rather than the proven natural remedies? The simple answer is here!

Every consulting Physician will explain the lifestyle changes to the patient, which can limit the disease process, and many times reverse it too! But, what patients mostly concentrate on the medications that the doctor is prescribing? Yet, no one is bothered about the clearly instructed precautions, do’s and don’ts for arthritis pain?! The Physician explains to get rid of excess alcohol, to quit smoking and lose weight. But, hardly only 1 in 10 patients actually concentrate on the warnings and precautions explained by the doctors. That’s what makes the difference!

Owing to the real dangerous adverse effects of the Analgesics (Drugs that act as pain killers), the world is slowly shifting towards the Natural healing methods to reduce the arthritis pain. Therefore, let us briefly explain, how this can be achieved quickly.

Cycling is the best and cheapest sport to control weight gain

Natural Methods to Kill Arthritis Pain

1. Lifestyle changes

Most disease processes stop or fade away, if good lifestyle changes are brought quickly in the daily routine. Such changes are extremely beneficial, because they are not motivated by consuming medications or supplements. If you love yourself and choose to have a great life ahead, the lifestyle changes are the perfect companion for you.

1.a. Lose Weight

Now, this is the most noteworthy point to remember. Lose weight, if you’ve accumulated enough of fat. It’s the first and the best step you can actually do in your entire life.

1.b. Quit Smoking

Smoking causes release of extremely harmful chemical mediators in the body, favoring the painful side of the story. Furthermore, smoking is a major cause of many cancers in the body.

1.c. Avoid excess alcohol

Very similar to the smoking part, if you consume excess of alcohol, this also will potentiate the swelling and worsening of the joint.

2. Jogging / Stretching Exercises / Brisk Walking

Recently proved by the University of Utah, that mild to moderate jogging and running actually benefits the arthritic joint. This causes the release of good or anti-inflammatory chemicals in the body, that fight against the adverse chemicals causing inflammation and joint damage. In addition, this will shed some more calories, benefiting your basal metabolism.

3. Acupressure

Before getting into details of acupressure, it should be remembered that, the patients having heart problems, neural problems or any other life threatening diseases, should please consult your physician before starting this therapy.

Acupressure Points for multiple diseases – Image Courtesy: montereybayholistic.files.wordpress.com

There are certain points around the knee joint, which when pressed, may lead to a better outcome. It is not a therapy to try at home, please consult your specialist first.

4. Diet Changes

Adding fresh herbs like green tea and ginger are wonderful anti-inflammatory substances. Ina addition, try adding more turmeric to the diet, which acts similar to ginger and green tea. Omega 3 Fatty Acids are known Anti-inflammatory substances, hence adding foods like Salmon, Walnuts and Flaxseeds to the diet will help the patient to a major extent.

Berries: Natural Antioxidants that prevent aging of the muscles, joints & skin

5. Massage

Massaging with Eucalyptus oil, or Aloe Vera gel may temporarily subside your arthritis pain. Soaking your feet in Epsom salt solution may have similar benefits. Furthermore, going for an Ayurvedic Spa can help you diminish the pain to a greater extent.


Though, many arthritis patients are aware of the instant relief providing pain killer drugs, but these drugs are seldom recommended for a life time use. Some medications directly affect kidneys, making the patient prone to develop ARF (Acute Renal or Kidney Failure). Moreover, some Analgesics may constrict the blood vessels in the organ systems, causing Myocardial Ischemia or the Heart Attack. Whatever may be the reason, it is prudent to divert the ways, towards the more natural direction. Finally, all the above stated natural methods to heal and treat the arthritis pain have proven benefits.

Dr Navneet Goyal

Dr Navneet Goyal is an Anesthesiologist Doctor, Internet Entreprenuer, Self-taught Marketer, SEO and a Growth Hacker! He has also learnt Web Designing, Lead Management, Digital Marketing & Financial Planning through various resources. His goal is to enhance the current Education model into a Motivational Driven Self Learning Platform.
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