10 Practical Steps For Preventing Heart Disease | Reversing Heart Disease Naturally

Setting goals for your office work is easy, while it takes a lot of pain to set goals for your fitness routine. India is soon going to lead the world in producing the highest number of heart patients annually! Therefore, it is imperative to understand, how to stop this preventable global menace?

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure), Diabetes, Smoking habits, Alcoholism, and sedentary lifestyle are the most important recognized factors that causes heart problems. Therefore, it is important to check the factors that causes Hypertension and Diabetes. And, get on to the nerves before you land up developing the risk factors.



I am going to give you the most important 10 practical steps for preventing heart disease. Furthermore, if you’re over 45 years old, and have a positive family history of coronary events, this is a must read for you!

Preventing Heart Disease Naturally with these simple steps

There may be several therapies which can effectively turn down the chances of coronary events. But, these steps are focused on changing the way you think! It’s obvious, if your lifestyle you think is awesome, you wouldn’t have been reading this!

You can take this test below to find out, if you’re keeping up your routine towards healthy living. Click on the simple answers and get result instantly. Jokes aside! This may be the most important eye-opener personality test ever! Go! Play it Now!!


Let's first start with your Gender! (Oh Yes! It's important!)

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What is your Physical status? Do you feel tired all day, despite of doing no physical work?

Do you develop areas of darkened skin patches at the creases or folds, like arm pits, arm folds?

What's the pattern of your diet plan?

Last Question, Can you calculate your BMI? It is your Weight (in Kgs) divided by Your Height (in m) Square. Eg. If my weight is 60 Kg, height is 1.8 m, then my BMI is = 60/1.8x1.8 = 18.51

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Uhh! Sorry to say, but you have really high chances of developing the Diabetes, or you might have one already and not know it. Our advise is to, get in touch with your Physician ASAP!!

A narrow escape possibly! You might not have contacted the disease, but have a fairly high chances of acquiring one, if you're not in a mood to change your current lifestyle. Our sincere advise is to get out in the mornings for a nice workout, have plenty of fruits and green veggies, avoid red meat and alcohol. You should also narrow down your work-related anxiety levels. We wish you for a better score, when you come back and re-check your status after 2 months! Have a great day ahead!

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The steps I’m about to discuss, are easy to implement in your lifestyle. In addition, these are cost-effective, easy to understand and practical! If you start implementing these given 10 steps in your daily routine, you’re bound to reverse the chances of your coronary heart events by half!



Let’s start with the most useful, 10 practical and easy steps towards reversing the heart disease naturally!

1. Changing Habits that suffocates your heart’s health-

Changing the unhealthy habits is the first thing you should do! It is seen that people who are not willing to change their unhealthy habits in the later half of their lives, suffers the most!

Tobacco use, Alcoholism, and Sedentary lifestyle are the three most dangerous elements for your heart’s health. Furthermore, coupled with late night sleeps, obesity and avoiding morning walk, contribute towards the dead end!

Here are the tips, of overcoming these habits, giving a chance to your longer lifespan…

To Effectively Give Up Tobacco

You must pay an honest visit to a Cancer Hospital. Check, which is the most treatable form of Cancer which is prevalent in your area. I’m sure, you’ll be convinced that the Oral Cancer will outnumber any other treatable variety of Cancer.

It’s time to act now! Smoking is even worse! Smoking is related to over 10 varieties of cancers in the body. Furthermore, smokers have a very high incidence of Atherosclerosis and Coronary Artery Disease. Together, it can predispose the individual to premature heart attacks and death!

How Alcohol can effect the heart’s health?

Alcoholism and consuming junk food in unison, may lead to Fatty changes in the Liver, Obesity, morning hangovers and poor BMR. Consequently, these changes can lead to various heart diseases directly or indirectly, and finally death of the individual. Furthermore, alcoholism is closely related to many road side accidents too.

Sedentary Lifestyle is a boon of Science

The science has never been that cruel! Today, more the person is indulged in the comfort living, more the harsh consequences are. Sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest unseen and overlooked health hazard, one can ever think of!

In addition, this sedentary lifestyle is closely related to more indoor living. Therefore, the life has become less dependent upon the natural surroundings. As a result, more and more lung related problems are arising in the metropolitan cities. Since, lung and heart are closely related organs in the biologic world, therefore, any system malfunctioning closely impacts the other with a big bang!

2. Diet that matters most

Diet is probably the most important aspect after lifestyle and habit improvement, that can lead to dramatic consequences on the heart. Much has been publicized about do’s and don’t’s on the diet plans.

Furthermore, the nutritionists are focusing on the less carb and more protein diet. While, the Naturopaths have a steeper inclination towards, recommending the health supplements. I must warn you, for the lesser understood complications caused by consuming health supplements in the form of tablets and capsules. They may not be the safer alternatives to natural herbs, but are still being recommended by the Naturopaths.

I would like to recommend general stuff first! Most noteworthy are-

What foods to avoid?

Give up all white stuff & saturated fats. This includes, white bread, cakes, fried foods, red meat, potato chips, processed food, preserved food, etc.

Avoid foods with high sugar content. Most beverages in the market today are loaded with extremely high sugar content. Notably among them are, the Cola drinks, fruit juices, and energy drinks. Have you ever noticed the insubstantial amount of actual fruit pulp in the fruit juices?

Most fruit juices have less than 10% of the actual fruit pulp in their commercial packets! Furthermore, what is being served to you is, 12 g of sugars, preservatives and additives in per 100 ml juice, to which you think is healthy!


weight loss tips


Avoid foods with high salt content. Most noteworthy, Indians above 45 years of age must give up high salt diet. Normal salt required per day is below 5 g. Avoid Papad, pickles, and adding salt in the parathas. Because, once your blood pressure starts averaging above the normal range (which is 120/80 mm of Hg), many dietary restrictions will soon follow.

What foods are recommended for a healthier heart?

Water is the most healthiest food, a Physician can prescribe! You should start your day by hydrating your body to flush out toxins from the system. In addition, honey and lime in warm water will help to balance the acid and alkaline parts, thus enhancing optimal pH of the body!

Nuts and Healthy Smoothies, along with any fiber-rich Cereal in the breakfast can charge your system for the better functioning throughout the day!

3. Losing out Anxiety levels

You must comply to your mental status and, try to breakup from your regular monotonous schedule. Because, prolonged anxiety levels gives rise to many harmful chemical mediators in your body. Consequently, these mediators can leads to high blood pressure, Diabetes, and finally a heart disease.

The work-related anxiety is rampant in all occupational sectors. In addition, the tenacity in the relationships add further problems to the mental health. Therefore, it is acknowledged that, one should understand that the problems come and go. Nothing is permanent in the entire life cycle, but the deterioration of time and energy!

Everyone faces high anxiety levels in their lives. Most of them are related to time-targeted work stress, misunderstandings in the relationships, impatience to rise over the competitor, and many similar intangible but worthless situations.

4. Ensuring a sound Sleep daily

A sound sleep is a boon! If you can sleep well for 7 to 8 hours a day, without bothering what’s going in the world, you’re bound to perform well in your working duration.

Sound sleep boosts the release of friendly chemicals in the system. Furthermore, this change helps the individual to stay creative, energetic and attentive during all the working hours. Finally, a good mind nurtures a good health!

5. Meditate to relax your soul

Meditation has been suggested to be the most helpful exercise to recharge your brain cells. It not only helps to calm the mind, but is also connects the higher mental centers to the soul. Therefore, meditation is a complete exercise for integrity of the human body and soul.



It has been noticed that, friendly chemicals in the body are released during the meditation, that helps to decrease the stress levels, and consequently, heart diseases too!

6. Exercise for a healthier body

Moderate to Intensive exercises have a strong co-relation with healthier heart! Especially, the Cardio exercises have been associated with longevity and disease free states.

A young individual with a healthier system should concentrate on HIIT (High Intensity Moderate Training) Exercises. While, aged and patients with chronic diseases should do CMIT (Continuous Moderate Intensity Training) Exercises.

HIIT is a higher intensity training where you’re allowed a brief periods of rest in between two high intensity workouts. The idea is to burn more fat, and put more load on the heart. Therefore, these kinds of workouts are better for gaining good Cardiac health.

While, HIIT is focused on intensive workout with a brief interval. CMIT is a form of rather continuous workouts of moderate intensity, without any interval. These exercises are recommended for elderly aged groups, and for those who have been diagnosed with chronic diseases. Such chronic health problems like, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, COPD, Asthma, Sciatica or any nerve or muscular pains, are not advised for intensive workouts.

7. Get more social, Join a Healthy Living Community

Getting more social is a sign of well being. But, joining a community for the enhancement of healthier life is a better option. This will not only push you on a more social platform, but will also enable you to think about various methods to stay healthy and happy!

Join Our Healthy Community for FREE

8. Take out time for yourself

You work, eat, get social, sleep, party, and do everything that your lifestyle desires. But, still you don’t have time for yourself. This span of time is called ‘Space’ in a sophisticated society! Everyone demands for ‘space’, but really don’t know what to do with it! It’s an irony, that the more you find ‘space’ for yourself, the farther you go away from your integral thoughts!!

The reason is simple! Understand what this space is good for? The best thing I do with this ‘space’ is to think actively about my own self. I brainstorm ideas to develop my inner self, learn continuously and stress less on materialistic living.

Thinking is the biggest exercise! It leads to you to think about your own existence, the awareness about your own self, says Sadhguru. This in turn keeps you away from many disease forms. As it is widely known, the more bad thinking is done, the worse it is for your heart’s health!

9. Indulge in good reading habits

Wonder why these famous scientists, businessmen, and other similar successful people of all sections live longer lives!!? The answer lies in the fact, they never quit learning from good books. Therefore, people with good reading and learning habits have a longer lifespan.

The intensive brainy workouts balances the release of good chemicals in the body. Furthermore, good thinking supports healthier cellular signals,which in turn, leads to a healthier state of your heart!

10. Set goals, Track, and get motivated towards your holistic healing

Finally, it is essential to track where your healthy well being stands. Most people set goals and track their occupational outputs in the form of targets. This will only lead to deterioration of your time, health and energy.

Set your goals for achieving fitness goals, track them wisely, and finally establish the essence of holistic healing for your healthier self!


In conclusion, these 10 steps for preventing heart diseases will be a major life tuner in your everyday living. As, it is not only related to the reversing of heart diseases naturally, but is a article for your holistic healing!

Desire and determination are the two first steps to start with this holistic healing. If you’ve any questions regarding the preventing of heart disease and living a healthy life, you’re free to write a comment below, and I shall be addressing you as required!

Dr Navneet Goyal

Dr Navneet Goyal is an Anesthesiologist Doctor, Internet Entreprenuer, Self-taught Marketer, SEO and a Growth Hacker! He has also learnt Web Designing, Lead Management, Digital Marketing & Financial Planning through various resources. His goal is to enhance the current Education model into a Motivational Driven Self Learning Platform.
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