Prediabetes – Sure Shot Symptoms of Diabetes – by Dr Prabhat Agarwal MD

Diabetes is a slow but sure shot killer!

To know, if you’re having the killer symptoms of Diabetes, or Prediabetes; do not forget to read between these lines.

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Now let’s get to the point!

PreDiabetes: Early symptoms of Diabetes

Alarming Symptoms – Sure Shot Symptoms of Diabetes you must know

1. Unexplained weight loss

This is the first and most alarming symptom of PreDiabetes, when accompanied by other mentioned symptoms. Weight loss without any external trigger (exercise, drugs, Bariatric surgery) is a major complain by most prediabetics. Typically, the patients will complain of gradual weight loss, leading to loosening of trouser waistline in males and blouses among females, etc.

This symptom is evident even when the patient has a good appetite, and is eating healthy.

How is unexplained weight loss different in Prediabetes and Cancer patients?

Unexplained weight loss is also a hallmark of various Malignancies – Blood Cancer, Lung Cancer, Intestinal Cancer, etc. But, the main differentiating features are-

Weight loss is gradual in Prediabetes, while it’s abrupt in Cancer. Prediabetic patient may not show any co-relation with the appetite, while it is significantly reduced in the Cancer patient.

2. Unexplained Weakness

Classically, patients with Prediabetes will present with unexplained weakness or fatigue. This symptom is of great value when accompanied by other classical features of Diabetes.

3. Classical symptoms of Diabetes – Polyuria, Polydipsia, and Polyphagia

Diabetes is evident in most people when they reach the stage of the well recognized classical symptoms of Diabetes. Here, Polyuria (excess of urine), Polydipsia (excess of thirst), and Polypahgia (increased appetite) are the hallmark symptoms of diabetes.

These symptoms are seen often in the patients suffering from Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. Though these can be found in Type 2 Diabetes patients during a routine visit.

Out of all these classical symptoms of diabetes, Polyuria is very common among the Type 2 Diabetes patients. Dryness of mouth is another disturbing, yet alarming feature of Prediabetes.

4. Numbness, Loss of sensation and Pain in the limbs

In chronically high blood sugar patients, they develop Polyneuropathy. This is a kind of nerve disorder caused by persistently high sugar levels. It leads to irreversible damage to the nerves causing numbness, loss of sensation and pain in the limbs.


The above mentioned symptoms of Diabetes should always be co-related with the blood sugar findings. Even if your blood sugar seems to be raised, don’t panic! Consult your Physician and get a complete Diabetes profile done, including nerve and kidney studies.

This ends our brief explanation about the most alarming symptoms of Diabetes! But, you would like to know-

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