Hot News: Arthritis Pain May Fade Away With Regular Exercise and Running

A major breakthrough in Medical Sciences just happened! The Hot News areArthritis patients actually getting cured by regular jogging and exercise! This is the biggest myth buster. Read on to know the basic facts about this. Click here, if you’re interested in knowing the Answers of the Top Questions frequently asked by the patients suffering from Arthritis.

The Basics of Healing the Arthritis Pain

Basic Symptoms of Arthritis of Knee Joint-

You fear to jump over another extra stair, the dull constant ache in your knee joint is keeping your feet off! Did your Physician just diagnosed you with the worst nightmare problem of the elderly age group!? Are you constantly worried about your knee joint stiffness and inflammatory states? Probably, it’s Arthritis! And, probably you have no place to escape!!

Arthritis, popularly a disease of the elderly, is now prevalent in younger age groups due to varied reasons. But, as per conventional beliefs, your Physician may advise you on many do’s and don’t’s. Most common ones are – Keeping your knee movements to minimal, once your joint has lost all the synovial fluid. Researchers from the University of Utah, USA, clearly states that, running is actually beneficial for the arthritis patients. Let us get to the basics to know, why this major breakthrough happened.


What’s in the Joint?

It’s commonly believed that exercise leads to an anti-inflammatory state in the body. Doing light to medium exercise on daily basis, cracks down the release of chemical substances in the body, which are majorly responsible for inflamed responses. Doctors generally prescribe Analgesics (Drugs that stop pain), but they can have serious adverse effects, when taken for a long duration. Thus, the world is moving towards the natural healing methods of Arthritis pain.

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How to heal the Arthritis Pain? Will running, jogging and exercise help you?

It is best to lose weight to gain an upper hand over arthritis pain. Losing weight will effect at two places, One, it will lessen the pressure over your knee joint. Second, it will release anti-inflammatory chemical mediators, which will further relax the inflamed zones in your knee.

Though mild to moderate jogging with Arthritic knee will not be a concern, specially when your disease is not severe. But, you should definitely seek a medical attention, and not solely rely on internet feeds.


There are some best do’s and don’t’s for Arthritis pain:


Do consume plenty of fresh green leafy vegetablesGreen leafy vegetables are the best known friends of the patients with chronic problems like Arthritis. These green leafy vegetables are known to produce anti-inflammatory response throughout the body. They balance the arrogant chemical mediators of the body and benefit in the long term course.

Lose weight to have a remarkable effect on your arthritis painLosing weight will lessen the pressure on the knee joints, thus enabling the joint to regain its strength and flexibility.

Little jogging, brisk walking, stretching exercises will surely benefit you.

Quit smoking today! It’s the worst stimulant of dangerous chemical mediators in the body.


Do not attempt to over consume your medications for the arthritis pain. These pain killers can even shut down your kidneys too! Consult your physician, if the pain persists even while having the pain killers.

Do not sit in the same posture for a longer period. Keep changing your body posture and adjust your position frequently.

Don’t let your knee jerk or strain suddenly. Furthermore, sudden jerks or twisting force on your arthritic joint can lead to meniscus tears, which are extremely difficult to repair.

My Opinion

It’s hard to believe, what the research of the University of Utah (USA) says! But, I can frame it partially correct too. Moderate exercise and jogging will strengthen your muscles around the diseased joint. This will ease the pressure on your damaged joint and, you may feel comfortable. But, avoid going in excess! Your joint is already worn off! Do not attempt to over do something that you are not comfortable with.

Finally, just listen to your joint, and stop, when necessary! Certainly you will notice that, arthritis pain may be a forgotten past, if you’re physically helping your joint to heal.


Dr Navneet Goyal

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