Incredible Facts About Egg White Nutrition: Why Egg White Protein Is The Best Of All?

Egg is considered as, one of the best foods on earth! Especially, when we talk about protein, the egg protein is considered most superior to plant protein. Most vegetarians vote against the egg protein, but actually, the opposite is true!

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Albumin, the egg protein is the most superior protein on earth. Please mind it, I haven’t said, the egg has a HUGE quantity of protein in it! The amount of protein in the egg is low, as compared to legumes, green leafy vegetables, etc. But, the quality of protein in egg is excellent!

You must be wondering, what exactly is the quality of a protein?

Remember this interesting fact,

It is not how much protein you consume in a day. But what matters is the quality of the protein!

The whole story can be summarized in a few steps, as follows-


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Why Egg Protein is Better than Plant Protein?

Let us get on to the basics, one by one.

1. Quality of the Egg Protein Scores over the Quantity of Vegetarian Protein

This white part of the egg is a protein called Albumin. The same protein is prepared by our Liver to perform many vital functions in our body. It is the same protein which runs in our blood and helps in maintaining the pressure in the blood vessels.

Egg Albumin protein is considered to be the best protein on earth. The reason is simple –

Albumin gets digested (broken down in smallest possible fragments) in our body by Pancreatic enzymes.

These smallest protein particles are known as Amino Acids. The interesting part is, there are only 20 known Amino Acids found on the Earth. These Amino Acids have a special coding system, which arranges themselves into longer chains, creating a particular protein out of the chain. This step uses DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) of our cell machinery and generates over 100,000 varieties of proteins in our body.

Furthermore, there are ONLY 10 Amino Acids which are actively produced in our body (Non-Essential Amino Acids). While the human body is dependent upon the food to replenish the sources of other 10 Essential Amino Acids.

All these proteins are produced by the random combinations of these 20 Amino Acids only!!

Now, coming to the question,

Why Egg Albumin is so overrated by the doctors?

The Egg Albumin is the only complete food protein which has all 20 Amino Acids in it. Therefore, when you consume egg white in your diet, you’ll never be short of protein in the body.

Furthermore, only 1g/kg body weight of food protein daily is sufficient for a normal healthy person to survive.

Therefore, for the best protein diet, QUALITY SCORES OVER QUANTITY! In simple words, it is essential to consume a protein which has all 20 Amino Acids even if it is consumed in low quantity!

Egg protein is considered as the Gold standard. Check how protein from other sources are mapped wrt egg protein

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Human body is composed of many specialized proteins

The human body has many kinds of proteins. It is hard to imagine, but I can say, almost every bit of you is composed of different kinds of proteins.

Protein acts as building material (muscles, tissue builders), transporters (Albumin, Globulin), specialized functions (Hemoglobin, Insulin, etc), signal senders and receivers, and much much more!

There may be 1 million kinds of proteins in the human body, but, what differs between them, is the sequence of arrangement of Amino Acids in them.

What are Amino Acids?

The Amino Acids are the units of building material, when united together in a particular sequence, creates a protein chain.

We can compare Amino Acids with bricks and, Proteins as the complete building. Now, in order to design a particular structure of the building, the bricks need to be arranged in the particular fashion, otherwise, the structure of the building may not be the same, as expected! Moreover, the better the quality of the bricks, the stronger is the foundation of the building.

The same is true for the structure of the proteins. Thus, you always require GOOD QUALITY OF PROTEIN RATHER THAN LARGE QUANTITY OF PROTEIN for a good metabolism!

2. Excess of proteins in diet are not stored by the body

This is a very important fact. Even if you consume large quantity of protein in your regular diet, this might not be beneficial for you. Humans require only 1 g of protein per kg body weight for their metabolism.

If you’re 70 kgs, you require only 70 g of protein per day to sustain a healthy living. But, if you consume larger amounts, the excess may take an alternate route to leave your body!

Excess of protein, which is not required by the body, is converted to Urea, and is excreted through the urine. Absolute wastage! Protein is not stored by the body.

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3. Egg protein is easily digestible

The fact is well known among the health care workers! Egg white is the most easily digestible food known. But, some people have been identified with severe egg allergies too! Probably, they should altogether avoid consuming eggs.

For the majority of the population, egg white nutrition is beyond comparison! It is easily digested by the Indoor patients in the hospitals, Intensive Care units and malnutrition states.

The eggs are recommended for the nursing mothers too! Such individuals need extra nutrition to nurse the babies. Therefore, nothing beats the nutrition of egg whites here!

4. Egg White low caloric food

Apart from the best source of protein, the egg white is of extremely low calorie, with loads of Magnesium and Potassium. Therefore, the egg white is considered as a starter meal of the day by many body builders.

5. Which is better – Egg White Nutrition or Protein Powder?

Finally, this one is tricky! While the egg white provides exclusive gold standard protein. The best part is that this nutrition comes with little calorie. However, the protein powder does not do the same gesture! The protein powder is heavily fortified to meet the demand of the consumers. Therefore, most of the protein powders available in the market have low digestibility. Some of the additives may cause allergies in some individuals too!


It is better to understand the concept of the quality of protein over quantity. Vegetarians usually are short of good quality of protein in their diets. Yes, at least most do! Therefore, most vegetarian fitness freaks find the alternative of egg white nutrition in the commercially packed protein powders. As explained, these protein powders have abundance of harmful additives. These harmful additives can choke your liver and kidneys to irreversible damage!

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