How to reverse Diabetes naturally

Introduction to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

In this post,”How to reverse Diabetes naturally,” I will be explaining the most simplest strategies to combat Diabetes Type 2 in a very natural way. These methods are a proven success by the YOU Docs in YOU On a Diet: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management (Free Press, 2006 in the United States). This features certain goals, which are necessary to achieve, in order to reverse Diabetes naturally. These goals include, dietary decisions, exercise and walking routine, losing weight and blood pressure monitoring. Though the genes that you contain can not be changed ever, but they can surely be controlled. It’s totally up to the patient, how he can combat the complications of the disease and reverse Diabetes naturally. You can also read my previous post on How to lose weight naturally in simple steps here.

The most important part is, you can begin getting healthier by reducing your weight and waist with these simple steps to reverse Diabetes naturally. This aims for 2 pounds a week for the first 4 weeks, then 1 pound a week for 4 weeks, then 1 pound every month. After achieving this, you’ll decrease the aging effects of diabetes and metabolic syndrome by 70%.

Steps to Reverse Diabetes Naturally

To reverse Diabetes naturally, check out these awesome steps:

No. 1 : Avoid all white foods. This includes white bread, cake icing, etc.

No. 2 : You should walk at least 30 min per day, preferably in the morning hours. This is one of the most effective method to reverse Diabetes naturally.

No. 3 : You should get a buddy for your plan. This would prevent you from skipping your routine. Call him/ her once when you’re done with your morning walk, done something more physical like Yoga or, had just gulped down a nutritious fruit. This would keep a check on your regular routine. Your buddy should be available right there when you’d be making him/ her a call.

No. 4 : Once you have walked 30 minutes per day for 30 consecutive days, you should learn to lift weights. Then learn to integrate a resistance training program for 20 minutes thrice weekly into your daily routine to reverse Diabetes naturally. Always start at the beginner level, no matter what your age.

No. 5 : Every Sunday, measure your waist around your belly button. You should aim to lose an inch every month.

No. 6 : Measure your Blood Pressure every Sunday and mark your goal near to 115/75 mm Hg. You can learn How to cure high blood pressure naturally in my previous post here.

No. 7 : Avoid the five worst aging foods. These includes, all added sugars and syrups, including all high-fructose corn syrup; saturated fats (palm or coconut oil) and trans-fats (blends or partially hydrogenated fats); and any grain except 100% whole grain.

No. 8 : Have as much fruit as possible. Consume whole fruit and not fruit mixes or canned fruits. You can also have veggies as you want.

No. 9 : Consume lots of nuts. Do exactly like this. Eat half an ounce of nuts—6 to 8 walnut halves, 12 to 15 almonds, or 20 to 15 peanuts—8 minutes before each meal, followed by a glass of water 4 minutes later. Consuming nuts have a strong impact to reverse Diabetes naturally.


No. 10 : Make eating automatic. Once you eat the right foods and make the right activity choices, you’ll reprogram your body so that your gradually eating right and exercising becomes a habit, one you’ll do automatically. The best tip for making your eating automatic is to have the same foods every day for two meals, say breakfast and dinner, and vary only one meal, such as lunch.

No. 11 : Always inform and work with your Physician or doctor. Keep taking your Anti-diabetic medications (and all others such as Anti–hypertensive medications). Follow your blood sugar and blood pressure closely.

Credit Note: The Type II Diabetes Disease Reversal plan is copywritten by the YOU Docs in YOU On a Diet: The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management (Free Press, 2006 in the United States), reprinted here by permission of the copyright owner and offered to all who want to use it—feel free to copy and hand to patients (as long as credit is given).

I hope that the points explained here in this post “reverse Diabetes naturally” is is helpful to you.

Dr Navneet Goyal

Dr Navneet Goyal is an Anesthesiologist Doctor, Internet Entreprenuer, Self-taught Marketer, SEO and a Growth Hacker! He has also learnt Web Designing, Lead Management, Digital Marketing & Financial Planning through various resources. His goal is to enhance the current Education model into a Motivational Driven Self Learning Platform.
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