How to make healthy simple salad recipes at home

Learn perfect healthy simple salad recipes at home in India in just four simple steps as shown in the video below. Get the best healthy vegetable salad recipes for weight loss right here. You can learn to make these complex and nutritious salad recipes and check your weight by healthy eating and staying fit.

Healthy Simple Salad Recipes At Home: Step-by-step procedure

Making healthy simple salad recipes at home can be a challenging task. Specially for those who do not actually thrive well on healthy diets. I will teach you four simple ways to prepare the healthy simple salad recipes at home. Now, let’s get down on the basics one-by-one.

Step One for Healthy Simple Salad Recipes at Home: Prepare the base with Greens

Now, virtually every recipe thrives on a standard base. Base is what your recipe can stand on to. Here, we shall be taking all greens as the base to prepare the healthy simple salad recipes at home. The examples include, Spinach, Lettuce (all varieties as per your taste), Arugula, etc. Tear them and add them to the bowl first. Remember, the base should always be fresh and crunchy. This will not only add fiber to your salad, but will also help in giving it a perfect crunchy taste to it.

Step Two for Healthy Simple Salad Recipes at Home: Add-on Fibers

When you are preparing the best ever healthy simple salad recipes at home, you should always add some more fibers to it. This will increase the texture of the salad plus, will also curb the problems related to your indigestion and constipation. Examples to add-on fibers are, Carrots, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions (Preferably green onions), Bell peppers (Blanched), Corn, Peas and Sprouts. Always add these ingredients as peeled shavings. Chopped ones are boring and difficult to eat.

Step Three for Healthy Simple Salad Recipes at Home: Prepare the right Dressing

This become the most important part in preparing the healthy simple salad recipes at home. This is because, the dressing type depends strictly upon the availability of the ingredients at your place, your native taste and finally, the type of greens that you use for the salads. Though there is no strict place for a taste in salads, but still, you should learn to master the proportions according to the variety. Now, for the most simplest salad variety, I shall be explaining the ratio of a Simple Herbal Dressing or Vinaigretti.

To prepare a simple herbal dressing for the healthy simple salad recipes at home, you need to have:

12 ml Olive Oil (Extra Virgin/ Virgin Only)

4 ml plain Vinegar, or 6 ml of Lemon juice instead of vinegar

Pinch of Salt and Black Pepper

Few dried herbs (Best ones are: Oregano, Thyme, Basil and Parsley)


Add Vinegar, salt, pepper and herbs in a glass jar. Whisk together. Now add Olive oil drop by drop and whisking the emulsion continuously. This dressing can be stored in the refrigerator for 10-12 days below 4 degree Celcius and can be used again. This dressing works well with most vegetable healthy simple salad recipes at home. Many other ingredients can be added in the dressing that strictly depends upon your taste and the type of salad.

Step Four for Healthy Simple Salad Recipes at Home: Top-ups

No recipe can be completed without proper top-ups. Here, we will add some exciting flavorful top-ups that will impart beautiful color to your salad and will also enhance the taste. The top-ups that we can use to balance your perfect healthy simple salad recipes at home are: Cilantro leaves, Crumpled Feta/ Goat cheese, Olives, Boiled eggs, Walnuts, Peanuts and Papad.

Mix well with your fingers as shown in this video by Shilpa Khandelwal Goyal. Finally add your dressing on top of the salad and serve chilled with the Smoothies of your taste. I hope that this post on “How to make healthy simple salad recipes at home” is liked by you. Please leave your comments and ideas so that I may reach you regarding this recipe. Thanks!

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