How To Cure High Blood Pressure Naturally

Hello fellows! In this post, ‘how to cure high blood pressure naturally,’ I am going to write about the biggest non-communicable problem of the modern world, “High Blood Pressure“! It is said in the modern medicine that High blood pressure or the hypertension is a gift to the man from the modern technology.

How to cure High Blood Pressure Naturally: Introduction

Before going into details of the topic how to cure high blood pressure naturally, I must tell you that this problem of is a result of many imbalances in your body, acting together to manifest into a single huge problem called hypertension. I will restrict my views on the natural methods that will help you in curing hypertension. These methods are recommended by the various Heart Societies in the world. Though this post is a simple explanation to the natural methods for preventing and curing high blood pressure, but is meant only for the informational purposes and not to be applied solely without the prescription of your Physician. If you are hypertensive and currently on drugs, please never discontinue the medications that you are currently on, and I would advice you to keep a follow up with your Physician regularly.

Now, let’s see how to cure high blood pressure naturally in easy steps, without the use of any herbal products.

How to cure High Blood Pressure Naturally: Steps to follow


Restricting your daily consumption of the common salt is the first step for how to cure high blood pressure naturally. You should not consume more than 5 g of common salt daily. This includes even the regularly cooked meals like lentils, salads, cooked vegetables, etc. Avoid the use of pickles, papad and adding salt to the flour. Alternatively, you can also change your regular common salt to low sodium salt, which is easily available in all commercial superstores.


This DASH diet plan can do wonders, if applied properly in your daily routine. DASH refers to ‘Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension‘ and is an extremely helpful in lowering your high blood pressure. This includes consumption of natural foods that are high in Potassium and low in saturated fats. These foods are pulpy fruits, green salads and low fat dairy products.


Caloric restriction is yet another effective means for curing high blood pressure in a natural way. It can be a difficult practice for the obese patients, but reducing weight over a few months can drastically bring your high blood pressure towards normal and prolong your life expectancy! For the best explanations on weight reduction techniques, I would suggest you to read my post Weight loss in natural ways.

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