Health Hazard Epidemic | How Zimbabwe Is Losing Its Youth To Cough Syrup Addiction?

Health Hazard Epidemic is on the rise in Zimbabwe![yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

The streets of Harare are full of brown colored bottles! This nation is at risk of losing its youth to codeine cough syrup addiction epidemic. Experts believe it could swipe off over half the country’s youth in Zimbabwe.

The Effect of Addiction Epidemic

The Zimbabwean government is not concerned over the matter. The officials have not yet opened rehabilitation clinics to stop or treat this health hazard epidemic in the country. The cough syrup addicts are mentally broken and are being sent either to the prison or mental health center wards.

“We’ve got a generation to lose if the Government of Zimbabwe doesn’t step up!” – says a concerned activist.

“The cheapest way to get high is under $3!” – exclaims a 35-year old addict, “The police may come after us, but we don’t give a damn! When they ask us about the bottles, we hand over them two or three bottles to set free.”

The Cough Syrup Addiction Epidemic

The cough syrup from the brand name BronCleer contains Codeine. Many of us understand it as a simple pain killer. In actual, codeine converts into a powerful opioid chemical called Morphine, imparting many opioid side effects when taken. The opioid drugs are illegally sold in many nations for the reason of intense addiction and mood changes like hallucinations. In India, these drugs are classified under the Narcotics and strictly not sold without a valid doctor’s prescription.

BronCleer also contains Alcohol. It’s enough for smaller doses of this syrup to make you feel both drunk and high as it contains alcohol and a narcotic. When consumed in large quantities, your respiration slows down, the blood pressure falls causing lesser perfusion of blood to the major organs in the body. Typically an opioid poisoning gives rise to an eye sign known as Pin-Point Pupils in Medicine. It’s considered a sure shot sign of an opioid overdose, possibly the opioid poisoning too.


Credit: Vice International

This cough syrup is thought to be imported illegally from the neighboring country, South Africa. It is sold on every corner of the street, in school premises and on public places for as little as $3 a bottle!

Causes and Concerns of Addiction Epidemic

The economy of the country is already in ruins. Moreover, over 80% of the population is without formal employment. The people depend upon piece work or temporary employment in most of the parts.

A few years back the government banned the sale of BronCleer in the state, the illegal import of this cough syrup was never checked. However, there are some NGOs pushing the government to open up rehabilitation centers and to check the illegal import of the syrup into Zimbabwe.

The full video from the Vice International is here:

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