First Aid For Fractures | Bone Fracture First Aid – Do’s & Don’ts

This is your guide for First Aid for Fractures, where you’ll get to know about the bone fracture first aid do’s and don’ts!

I think you AGREE with me when I say,

The government has taken every major step to create awareness regarding the TRAFFIC RULES and ROAD SAFETY NORMS. But, all proved useless!!

But, when road accidents have become so much common, it is imperative to learn at least a few points about FIRST AID for fractures! You could be a savior to someone who might need it! You must know about the common bone fracture do’s and don’ts to be on the safer side. And you must know, how to get quickly to the best doctor who can deal with the complicated compound bone fractures.

Here, I shall cover the vast topic of First Aid for Fractures quickly. This will enable you to master, what’s the ideal method to manage fracture(s).

Why do you need to know about First Aid For Fractures?

The world is moving ahead of time! Panic, stress, worries, and exertion play an important part in our daily lives. Then comes, alcohol indulgence to relieve a bit of exertion and unhappiness from work. Carelessness in urban India and ignorance in the rural towns leads to rising rates in the RTA’s (Road Traffic Accidents)!

Therefore, it is prudent to have a basic knowledge about the First Aid in our everyday life. This quick guide to bone fracture will help you to overcome this simple obstacle regarding, the first aid for fractures.

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Kindly Note: Perform these steps only when you’ve ruled out head injury, cardiac arrest, heavy bleeding from any site, and arrest of breathing! If you are sure that the above listed critical problems do not exist, go ahead for this first aid; otherwise, call Emergency and perform CPR until the emergency help arrives.

Step 1 – Do not move the patient

The first few hours after the accident is critical. If you can assess, what type of fracture it is, or at least have an idea which bone is likely to be fractured at the spot, things can become easy to treat. This is because, prognosis (outcome) of the treatment is basically dependent upon what bone is fractured (clavicle fracture, spine fracture, hip fracture, etc). It also depends upon the severity of bone fracture (compound fracture, simple fracture, comminuted fracture, etc).

If you try to move the broken limb, it can make the situation even worse! The patient is still in agony, and cannot afford to bear the pain. Moreover, movement of the broken bone can cause the fat embolism (a life-threatening emergency)!

Try to keep the patient calm. And try to examine other serious problems like – heavy bleeding, change in the color of the limb, deteriorating consciousness, etc.

Step 2 – Immobilize the limb

Don’t try to push back the bone pieces. Try to immobilize the patient by putting splint and sling.

If you already know, how to immobilize the broken limb, do it as you’ve learned!

Otherwise, watch a video below to know, how to make a sling and immobilize a broken bone.

Step 3 – Apply Ice Packs to the swollen part and wait for the EMS

Until the Emergency services arrive, you must apply ice packs to the swollen limb. This prevents swelling and relieves the pain. An open wound should not be interfered at all because of the overt risk of contamination.

Keep checking the vital signs – consciousness, alertness, blood pressure, heart rate and SpO2 (if available) until EMS arrives.

When EMS arrives, narrate the exact sequence of events, which occurred, if you were the witness. This will enable them to understand the exact nature of the accident and speculate on the organs at risk.

Hope this explains a quick action required for the first aid for fractures and the do’s and don’ts for the bone fracture!

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