Searching “Doctors Near Me”? 10 Practical Tips To Find The Top Doctors Online!

Searching Google “Doctors near me”?

I have seen people having extreme difficulty in finding the top doctors online!

With the commercialization by the corporate institutes, it has become almost impossible to find a good doctor near you.

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How to search for “best doctors near me”?

Before I begin the topic, I must clear a few points that will help you to create a picture of a good doctor.

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Please Do Not label doctor bad just because,

  1. He didn’t pick up your phone, and you badly wanted to know, when you should inject your next Insulin dose? See, a lot of people think that, if a doctor is giving you his/ her personal phone number, he’s available to you 24 x 7! Doctor is a human too! Please treat him like one.
  2. He remains quiet most of the time. Probably he is egoistic! No! Not at all!! This might be in his nature. Probably, he is that kind of a person in his social life too!
  3. He misdiagnosed my problem! Seriously!! Please understand, a doctor’s duty is to help the patients. The probability of committing an error on diagnosis is not uncommon. But, it doesn’t mean that the doctor is bad. It simply means, the doctor couldn’t grasp the diagnosis in this attempt.
  4. He’s too busy! India has a chronic shortage of doctors. It is very much common to see a long queue before the clinics. Believe me, it is really really difficult to stay calm, think like a genius and work like a donkey!!

10 Tips to find the top doctors online

Here are the crisp and short written 10 tips to follow to find a good doctor online.

Tip 1: Never rely on the Classified sites – They are the biggest cheaters!!

Classified sites have just popped up on the Google searches. Type “Doctors near me”. First, you will find Google business embed doctors with the Google Reviews, Star Ratings, and General information. This is really a cool feature of Google. Mind it!!! These Google reviews and search results are NOT PAID!

Below these Google Business Places, the websites that pop up on searching are mostly the Classified sites. Most of the Classified sites have been working on the paid business model. The amount paid by the doctor is in direct proportional to the ranking on these sites.

See below,

(The names of these classified sites are erased by me!)

find the top doctors online


This leads to a serious misunderstanding regarding the ranking. You should now know, the more the doctor pays to these sites, the higher are their rankings within the site.

Please do not get confused with the Google ranks! Unless the prefix ‘Ad’ is inserted in the search results.

Tip 2: Never blindly follow the reviews on the Classified sites

Reviews as well as rankings on these classified sites are spurious. They are plainly monetized. The higher you pay for the keyword‘ , the higher your result is shown to the user.

Tip 3: Do a Google search and Assess the genuity of the Google Reviews

Google results are mostly accurate! When we talk about the Google Places results, they are 100% genuine! Check the image below.

I typed, “Diabetologist in Agra” on Google search. See what comes up!


google versus paid sites


Google Reviews are far more convincing!! But, one should always check the exact language of the review. Many may come from friends and relatives, creating a biased picture! Always look for bad ratings and reviews, and read them thoroughly. If any doctor has been given bad ratings, read on to know why he has been screwed so badly on the internet!

Tip 4: Do a PubMed search for a doctor

To know about the academic regularity of the doctor, you can search him or her on PubMed. This is the biggest medical research library and lists thousands of doctors worldwide.

Frankly speaking, I don’t advice to go too much in PubMed. It’s not that worth. Even the doctors with no PubMed appearance has far better clinical experience than those listed on it. It only shows the keenness of the doctor in doing research work in his field of study. And frankly, India doesn’t have a very good score!!! You can always omit out this step!

Tip 5: Before advancing further, he should be able to explain to you why he is ordering further tests

This is really important! If a doctor is interpreting your already performed imaging or blood reports, he should give you a clear picture of what he is up to. Most of the time, the clinical picture is hazy, but before ordering new imaging, he must assure you, why the new ones are essential!

Tip 6: Clear cut explanation about the treatment methods, it’s failures and consequences

The genuineness is in clarifying clean and clear cut treatment methods, and the reasons why he is willing to go for the particular treatment. Moreover, the consequences of every practical procedure done should be thoroughly discussed with the patient before the procedure.

Tip 7: 100% Guaranteed Treatment guarantees 100% malpractice

This is very common in India where the common people seek uncommon practice! Most of the untrained, unregistered Health care personnel and other similar people doing unethical and immoral practices can bet on your illness!

People are offered 100% satisfaction upon results by many unregistered institutions. This is really dangerous!! Stay off from any health care provider who claims to treat you to 100% accuracy (Shartiya Ilaaj).

Tip 8: Go for the one who stresses more on diet and lifestyle changes

A genuine doctor will speak more about diet and other lifestyle modifications. Check out, what Sir William Osler has to say! For your information, Sir William Osler is the first Baronet, FRS, FRCP was a Canadian physician and one of the four founding professors of Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Tip 9: Avoid visiting a doctor who remains busy on the phone

He may almost always ignore your complaints because he had already wasted enough time speaking over the phone, causing haste in the doctor’s attitude. Consequently, he will hear less and predict more! Strictly avoid the doctor, who has no respect for your precious time!

Tip 10: Overconfidence is lethal!

Overconfident doctors are not rare! They show up their overconfidence by not speaking to you, not listening to you or not giving enough time to you. He may hand over the prescription to you and take away the fees, just because he is so overconfident about his treatment!! A strict avoid!

Bonus Point

One thing is for sure! If a doctor scolds you for not showing up regularly for the follow up, he cares about your health! Such doctors may be rare, but once you’ve found them, seek their advice from tip to toe.

I hope it’s not too difficult to find good doctors now. But, I must warn you not to seek the help of the classified sites to find a good doctor online. Who knows, you may fall in the trap of unethical advertising!?!

So, before you search for “doctors near me“, you now know what to look for!

Dr Navneet Goyal

Dr Navneet Goyal is an Anesthesiologist Doctor, Internet Entreprenuer, Self-taught Marketer, SEO and a Growth Hacker! He has also learnt Web Designing, Lead Management, Digital Marketing & Financial Planning through various resources. His goal is to enhance the current Education model into a Motivational Driven Self Learning Platform.
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