Dr Navneet Goyal
Dr Navneet Goyal


I’m into something really cool, which is not taught in the conventional schools..!

I’m a full time Anesthesiologist Doctor and a part time Blogger, Internet Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Web Designer, S.E.O. and Creative Video Maker.

BasicThinking.in is a Blog that will help you to explore the best part of your life – Healthy Living Ideas. Yups! That’s what I write about…

Want to know, How Can I Help You With My Blog?

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Facts About Me..

I write things I like, and I advise things that don’t suck! I ain’t a Philosopher, a Psychiatrist, or a Counsellor! I like to help people with my ideas, some of which, I think, are useful, some may be useless. It’s totally up to you to decide, what works for you!!

So, shall we move on?!!

facts about dr navneet goyal

Navneet, What do you do here?

Help the spoilt brats!! Huh! This blog is all about Wellness!! Here you get to learn, Sense of well being (exploring your talents), managing with stressful life, Big Ideas to earn more and relax in life, healthy eating, and a lot of messy things that are well arranged for you guys!

So, if you’re messed up, tired with your planning, need to know how the world functions, don’t know how to correct your life (socially, financially and healthy well being), you’re in the right place of the web!! Cheers! It’s time for a change! Change has to begin from thoughts – Your Thinking, That’s why, this blog is so called – The Basic Thinking!!!

So, are you qualified to advise on such holistic topics?

Oh Geez! What did I do? Forgot to acquire another Masters? Really?!! Don’t we have spiritual gurus and motivational speakers throughout the world, addressing their thoughts and opinions to the audiences?! Do they have Master’s in motivational speaking? At least, I am talking Health first! What else a doctor is supposed to do?

What if you fail to deliver the best content as promised?

Yups! A good question!! This is quite possible! As I said, it’s a matter of opinion to anyone coming here and learning the methods that I advise. Don’t we have failures in life? Don’t you learn from the disappointments? I’ve had many in the past! That’s what makes my content worthy and rich. I would also like to know, what are my shortcomings, so that can be understood and corrected as per the user experience!

What inspired you to go for such a blog?

Hopelessness & my failures! They are my biggest assets because they always advised me to excel in the right direction whenever I needed one! Struggling to excel in my field of study was close to an empty void, which was neither a smart lifestyle nor a healthy one. I was declining in health, with no time for my family and absolutely no hope to evolve from a robot to a passionate human being.

One evening, while anesthetizing a patient for a major surgery in one of the most hopeless places I’ve ever known, I realized I could do far good things, than doing this job alone. It was that evening of my life, where I explored, what I wanted from my life. I came up with an idea of helping people to de-stress, build more additional sources of income and eat healthy. All co-incidently are related to staying healthy and smart living. Isn’t it wonderful? It’s like being a doctor on duty! Didn’t I tell you, I almost took 5 years more to complete my full specialist experience from the start? ‘Normal’ intelligent people take less time to complete. I was somehow unusual, unfortunate, and probably helpless! This blog will connect most of the lives reading this ‘About Me Page’.


Hi there! This is one part of the website where I need to stop you, and hopes to hold your attention.

This is the place where I need you to know, if you’re interested in joining the community of Basic Thinking, you can benefit yourself with loads of good stuff. I’ll be coming up with some excellent courses / e-books on Wellness and Healthy Living. You’ll be getting awareness text on your cell phones, if you submit your phone number with me, right here on this website. Don’t worry, it’s absolutely confidential!

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