Body Detox & Amazing Health Benefits Of Sauna Bath

Sauna refers to a small place where steam and high temperature can make one perspire. Substantial health benefits of Sauna Bath are being discovered when people indulge merrily in it. Preferably, let’s say, it’s a complete body detox too!

It has been noted that every day 30 minutes of Sauna bath may reduce your blood pressure and upgrade your heart’s activity to perform better!

Pamper yourself with the Sauna Bath

Sauna bath is a complete luxury for your skin! It has many potential benefits on the whole body. Let’s learn it in detail.


Layout of a Perfect Sauna Room

Mechanics of Health Benefits with Sauna Bath

When you feel the heat in your sauna room, amazing changes happen under your skin. The capillaries dilate beneath the skin to permit increased blood flow.

So, why do you perspire?

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The human body reacts to external stimuli. Perspiration is a sign of activated Autonomic Nervous System trying to cool the body down. Hence you perspire!!

What are the health benefits?

It relieves the stress levels and calms the mind. Sauna is a perfect way to relieve your sore muscles.

It increases the metabolic rate of the body and helps in losing weight.

Such high humidity helps your Alveoli (the tiniest part inside your lung) to retain moisture and kill the harmful microbes. Don’t you acknowledge the doctors prescribing steam therapy for the chest infections!!

Here one thing should be noted that, once the heat becomes unbearable, you should get out of the room quickly to avoid overexposure and dehydration! Not to forget, the patients with Diabetes should perform Sauna bath with utmost care. This can lead to severe unrecognized burns and the nervous breakdown in the chronic Diabetes patients.

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Precautions before entering sauna bath

You should be aware of few points before you enter the sauna room-

  1. Take off all jewelry from your body. Jewellery may get heat up soon and may cause discomfort.
  2. Have lots of water before entering the sauna, this will prevent the dehydration!
  3. Have a warm shower before the sauna bath.

How to get your OWN Sauna Bath?

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Who should NOT use Sauna bath?

Though sauna is associated with wellness and stress-reliever, the following people should avoid using sauna:

  1. Chronic Diabetic patients – They may develop serious unrecognized burns.
  2. Male Infertility – Sauna is responsible for lowering sperm counts and consequently, causes infertility.
  3. Heart Patients – People who have unstable heart diseases in the past, should also avoid sauna altogether.
  4. People with a positive history of seizures should refrain too. Having Seizures and losing consciousness during sauna may cause more harm than good.
  5. Alcoholics and chronic sedative users should be cautious for the same reasons.
  6. People with psychological issues like Claustrophobia, panic anxiety, and similar disorders should not enter the sauna cabin too.


The sauna bath indeed has numerous health benefits, surpassing some minor issues (and some major ones too)! Nevertheless, it is a complete body detox! The sauna bath is recommended once you know how to go the right way!

Dr Navneet Goyal

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