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Diabetes diet plan is essential for all kinds of Diabetic patients. It not only prevents you from late stage adverse events, but also gives you a sense of well being. So, I’m here with the simplest Diabetic Diet Chart which you can follow on daily basis.

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What's the pattern of your diet plan?

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Know the basics of Diabetic Diet Plan

What is Diabetes and the Diabetes Diet Plan?

Diabetics, particularly the Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus patients have tendency to develop chronic diseases of other body systems, if they do not follow the proper diet chart for the diabetic patient.

In diabetics, the power to neutralize dietary sugars is exhausted due to the deficiency or absence of Insulin. Insulin is a hormone, produced by the pancreas to neutralize the sugar content in the meals and store at proper places for its later use.

This deficiency renders the patient to have high blood sugar levels, leading to many metabolic changes in the systems and finally development of a variety of late stage adverse events.

These adverse events may range from minor foot ulcer to the foot gangrene, from blurring of vision to complete blindness, from asymptomatic disease to the full blown kidney failure, coronary heart problems and stroke!

Thus we know that diabetes is not a single disease, rather it’s a constellation of many chronic problems that leads you towards the death bed very slowly. Blood sugar levels can be controlled in many ways like:

I shall be discussing about the diet control of the dietary sugars here, while you can also have a look on the previous post on lifestyle modification and how to reverse diabetes naturally here.

Step-by-step method to write a Customizable Diet Chart for Diabetic patient:

The Diabetes Mellitus diet chart will be explained here point wise to avoid confusion and mixing.

    1. Develop an individualized / customized Diet Chart for Diabetic patient with your nutritionist- Every patient is different, and so is his/her metabolic needs. I cannot generalize this Diabetes diet plan for everyone. Please ask your nutritionist before planning one for you.
    2. Sugars are important, but not in the regular amount. You can have sugars in the form of fruits (with less sugar content), milk and milk products (milk sugars), and in the form of cereals and other edible products. Do not forget to add little amount of healthy fats (PUFA, MUFA) and generous amount of proteins (if you are suffering from kidney problems, avoid protein rich diet and ask your doctor and nutritionist to plan a special diet for you) and a good amount of dietary fibers.

  1. In the morning, get up early (6 AM). You need a tea with milk and no sugars added. The carbohydrate demand is met with the milk sugar which you just had in your tea.
  2. After your regular house-hold chores or routine, preferably two hours (8 AM) after you had your bed tea, you need a real filling breakfast. This meal is really important and should be rich in fiber and proteins. You can have a slice of bread (preferably brown one) with the nut butter, one apple raw or similar fruit, one cup buttermilk (or, one cup of soya milk or yogurt), and half cup of sprouts boiled.

    These portions will provide you:

    1. Proteins from sprouts and yogurt/ buttermilk and nut butter
    2. Sugars from bread, yogurt and fruit
    3. Fats from buttermilk/ yogurt and nut butter
    4. Fiber from fruit, sprouts and bread
    5. Vitamins from fruit and yogurt/ buttermilk
  3. About 3 hours later (11 AM), you can have a small portion of green salad. This will add more fiber to your meal and will keep you full. If you want to know, how to make healthy salad recipes at home, please click here to read the previous post of this blog here.
  4. At about 2 PM, it’s time to have a perfect lunch. Add pulses, cereals and salads in your lunch. Brown rice can be added if you have a real good appetite for rice. This will keep a check on your blood sugars and will add fibers in your diet. Do not forget to add half a cup of green leafy vegetable in your Diabetes diet chart.
  5. It’s 5 PM now! Time to have a munch break! Any fruit with low sugar content (apples, kiwi, berries, apricot, pineapple) will be nice for boosting a gentle amount of vitamins and fiber in your diet. You can also replace the fruits with good nuts like peanuts, walnuts, almonds, or egg whites. This will provide you essential fats and proteins. Some authors skip dry fruits in the Diabetes diet plan due to the presence of fats.
  6. When in the night hours, try to have your dinner meal as early as possible. Research shows that, when you have your last meals of the day in the early hours, the digestion is optimal in these hours. At about 7 to 8 PM, plan your dinner with green leafy vegetables, paneer/ cottage cheese, yogurt (if you have skipped in the breakfast) and cereals (chapatti/ bread). If you are a non-vegetarian, you can have a small portion of fish or chicken breast (preferably non-fried) in place of paneer or cottage cheese for your perfect Diabetes diet plan.
  7. End your day with plenty of water. This removes toxins and flushes your system. Water is the best medicine that any physician can prescribe you. Relax and sleep well to start your new day with the same vigor and enthusiasm. Follow the same diet plan.


For a diabetes diet plan to follow, you must know what all foods should be avoided altogether to keep you fit and healthy. Avoid canned food, canned soft drinks, excess of alcohol, adding sugar to your tea/ coffee, packed juices, and soft drinks. You must also avoid, fruits high in sugar content like, Chickoo, mango, oranges, grapes, watermelon. Avoid smoking (try to quit as early as possible), cereals and vegetables rich in sugars like potatoes, sweet potato, starchy rice. Finally, keep alcohol in moderation.

printable-diet-chart-for-diabetes-diet plan

I hope that this post on best Diabetic Diet Chart is liked by you. Do let me know about it. Thanks!

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